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Entrance to seaside park / pelican island

Looks like its going to be a while until are lines are tight again



Fishing report / hurricane sandy

Since the island is closed ,and access is shut down to the island there will be no fishing reports for a couple of days. The damage to the boardwalk and homes of seaside is pretty bad. It didn’t hit me till my daughter saw pictures of fun-town piers destruction. She was devastated. She vividly spoke of the rides she seen mangled in the Atlantic. It was heart breaking I feel like I lost a good friend. But my family and I will do our part to make the jersey shore home again. And I am sure every other family on the island will do the same.

Ibsp /ssp

I haven’t been able to get back on the Island yet. Seen a pic of my house and it surrounded in water. No info on the condition of IBSP. Seaside and the heights got slammed. It’s going to be awhile until all the damage is accessed. I hope everyone that stayed on the island stayed safe.


Reports from south seaside park are good so far.Dunes seemed to hold with minimal sand on the road. Power lines are down. And there is flooding on bay side as reported by jshn friends of midway beach Facebook page.

Seaside park , Island Beach State park damage?

Heard plenty of rumors and hear say. Nothing confirmed yet. Waiting for day lite

Sandy update

The chief of Seaside Heights , reported a 50 ft section of boardwalk has floated to the bay. …..

Hurricane Sandy

The first high tide is here and the surf has reached the dunes. The bay has not yet breached the walls but is very close. The storm surge has started. Hurricane Sandy is still many hours away from land fall. The center of the storm is suppose to hit in Atlantic City. The greater coastal storm serge will be to the north and heavier rain to its south. Plenty of experts are predicting the ocean is going to meet the with bay. This storm has had me thinking of all the great memories I have of this island. It has also made me realize how fortunate we all are to have it here in NJ. Be safe everyone and let’s hope for the best.

Island Beach state park Fishing Report

Island beach state park will be closed at 4 pm tomorrow as well as the access into seaside park. The town has begin to board up in preparation for the storm. Being on the island as well I just tied everything down that I could. Still debating if Iam going to stay for the storm. The local 7-11 is boarded up as well as several homes. Its still to early to say but it’s not looking so good for Ibsp and seaside park area. There is talk of a possible 10ft storm serge. I will update on the storm later to nite.
On a good note fishing has been extremely good. Gator blues and the stripers are gorging themselves before the bad weather. Reports up and down the beach of blues and bass. The rip currents are going to be really strong so I dont advise you go out. If you do take extreme caution!!!!!Northwest wind , 2-3 feet waves 6-8 oz to hold bottom.


Ibsp fishing report

Hurricane Sandy has started the fall run. The bite turned on yesterday afternoon and well into the nite. Gator blues and bass in the 10-20 pound range. The forecast for sandy keeps changing by the hour. Some stations are reporting a major event others are being more conservative. But it’s looking like NJ is going to get soaked


Island beach state park fishing report

Island beach state park fishing report
Northwest wind. Wave heights are 1-2 feet. 4 oz to hold bottom. Reports of bass in the 8-10 lb range on bunker and clam. It’s been over cast all day. Plenty of fish feeding before this weekends “hybrid tropical storm/ nor’easter” as they are calling it. I guess with that type of title the weather man cant call it wrong. Should get interesting!!!