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NJ Beach Buggy Assn Fleamarket

I arrived a little late but the place was packed with fisherman and dealers. There were great deals to be had. I picked up a new cast net and a NJBB zip up. It was good to see local bait shops there. Despite what many of them lost due to the storm they seemed back in business .NJBBA Runs a top notch event. I plan to attend the next one!!!!


IBSP hours of operation

IBSP is open from the hours of 8am to 4pm daily

Current condition of Seaside Park after hurricane Sandy

Well the good report is the check point is discontinued and the town is open. However all beaches and boardwalks are closed. I was able to get the gas and water turned back in at my house. My home suffered minimal damage and after touring the surrounding towns I realize How fortunate I am. We missed having are house flooded by 3 inches
The town is pretty busy during the day, many houses are rebuilding and many are sitting empty and gutted. At nite after the curfew it’s very unnerving. There is a silence I have never heard before. During the day I walk around the town and visited friends and family and pitched in with drywall work for most of the mornings. People’s belongings are piled in front of there houses many items still soaking wet. About 90% of the people I talked to gutted there houses and are now waiting to move forward once they receive insurance money. The residents seem very positive ready to move past this. The board walk is probably the hardest to see in person. It’s completely destroyed. Everyone has seen the pictures online but it’s still shocking in person. I stood in front of fun town pier in disbelief. I have great memories of taking my children on the rides. Even at times I complained about the crowds I really miss it. 7-11 is set to reopen on the 23 and will get many back to the feeling of normalcy with morning coffee routine. Grumpys bait and tackle is open for business regardless of the lack of accessible fishing. The b,and b is gutted , Surf taco and the right coast surf shop are not open but seem to be doing some work. Betty and nicks has a four foot pile of debris piled in front of the shop. And looks to be gutted down to the concrete block walls. The police seem to have people pulled over at every corner, so do the speed limit. The town has not lost its spirit despite the events house have words of hope and encouragement written on them. But people ate still walking and jogging bay avenue. Seen some surfers in wet suits up by island beach motor lodge. The entrance to IBSP is blocked by to rangers full time. It’s good to get back in the town but it just feels like a very different place. Scars and bruises of the storm are everywhere. And every conversation starts with before Sandy or after Sandy…… Her thumb print will be there for along time to come to come.

Rumor of park opening

I heard a rumor that seaside park and south seaside park will open to the public. Good news is if that’s true, IBSP will reopen as well. It’s been 80 Days but feels like 2 yrs.

Christie Pledges To Clean Up Storm-Ravaged Bay

Gov. Chris Christie says he’s made a priority of cleaning up Barnegat Bay, which was ravaged last year by Superstorm Sandy.

Christie says 58 buildings and eight cars in Mantoloking alone slid into the bay during the storm. He says the state will clean up the debris and dredge the bay with the goal of reducing the risk of future flooding.

Jet Star Roller coaster protest

Seaside Heights police arrested a man today who in protest climbed to the top of the jets tar roller coaster. I personally thinks it was awesome for the guy to do it!!!!



2013 is going to be a great year!! The island is being cleaned up from the storm and will open shortly. We will be back to fishing and enjoying IBSP before we know it. Stay tuned to this site we have huge plans over the next few months with upgrades to benefit the fishing community of IBSP. Cheers to a new beginning !!!!