IBSP Fishing Report 3-10-13

Windy rough and cold out on IBSP. 8 oz to hold bottom. Early morning the beach was empty. Around 2:00 the wind settled down a bit and about 2 dozen anglers made there way down the beach. There wasn’t much on the way of fish. But everyone seemed just happy to get their lines wet. No fish but great day to be back on the Island!!!!



3 thoughts on “IBSP Fishing Report 3-10-13

  1. Nostromo says:

    To what extent is there access? It was widely published, at least in those circles to which these things matter, that ‘buggy’ access was permissible at Gillikens and then south to the first bathing beach. I realize that the so-called “superstorm” changed things for likely the rest of our lifetimes yet i am anxious to learn of what restrictions’ll remain in place and for how long. (?)

    Thank you from,
    A Fellow Enthusiast

  2. Glenn Reday says:

    Thank you. I plan to get back into the swing of things with a visit, including throwing a line in, within the next two weeks.

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