Power is on possibly at Midway Beach

Friends of midway beach Facebook page just reported the power is on! If your unfamiliar with midway it’s the cottages you pass right before you enter Island Beach State Park. If the power is back on then this is huge for the Island. It’s one step closer to re-entry.


5 thoughts on “Power is on possibly at Midway Beach

  1. Nostromo says:

    I’d wondered how Midway had fared during the hurricane. When Governor Christie spoke of seeing a house sitting on Route 35 my thoughts went immediately to that group of dwellings. I would hope to see the island make a full recovery in the near term.

    • Our Sand House says:

      Midway was saved due to the hard work of “the Friends of Midway Beach” and there efforts in building and maintaining the dunes.

      • Nostromo says:

        Thank goodness.
        Is there any active beach replenishment ongoing anywhere on the island? Any speculation as to when Island Beach State Park will reopen?

      • Our Sand House says:

        “The Friends of Midway Beach ” is doing daily restoration projects to the dunes at Midway.And are looking for Volunteers. IBSP from what I am told is quite a ways out on reopening. Due to the fact that the island is only open from the hours of 8-3 to residents with reentry permits. IBSP will not open access until the towns on the island restore power, natural gas, and water. Not to mention IBSP needs many repairs to open to the public as well.

  2. Nostromo says:

    ‘Our Sand House’, it’s difficult for me, a non-islander, to grasp the scale of upheaval that has occurred. I know that nature will restore the beachfront in time; with the aid of those involved in replenishment efforts. I know also, personally, several families that have suffered as a result of the hurricane’s passing. It is hard for me to rationalize having a channel for my energies, a piece of myself cut-off or neutralized my in not being able to get to Island Beach State Park to fish or to just contemplate the mighty ocean. Time will heal all.

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