Returning to Seaside Park

I went back to Seaside Park sat. It is so sad to see the town. The streets are lined with trash and soaked furniture. People’s belongings are scattered everywhere. I could only imagine what lavalette and ortley beach look like. obtaining the reentry permit is not much of a hassle but very humbling. For some reason I cannot get over of the quality of the Reentry permit sticker. It’s a high quality vinyl weather proof sticker. It really made me realize how long I will have to use the sticker to gain access to my home. But the town was alive with the sounds of work. Generators were humming , saws were buzzing and hammers were smash out drywall. Everyone seemed to be on a mission. No one seemed to just be observing or assessing damage just good old fashion work. There seemed to be a stronger bond between the neighbors all working to a common goal. I can’t wait to be back on the Island and taking my daily 5:30 am drive on Island Beach State Park!!!!!!!


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