Fishing report

Because of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy are prime fishing spots are closed indefinitely. However I am happy to report if you go a bit south they are catching bass. Brigantine to the wildwoods have open access points. Anglers are reporting keeper bass on clams and fresh bunker. Iam told the actions good so if you need a break from cleaning up after the storm then head on down the parkway.
I read on that he has moved a good amount of his inventory off the island and plans on selling it on eBay because the shop is closed. Since hurricane sandy decided to destroy my gear that I kept in my shed I plan on picking up a second hand rod and reel from them. Support them too if you can!!! Can’t wait to get back out and fish.


2 thoughts on “Fishing report

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey before you start buying anything I have a few extra things that are new but not the best (since I upgraded to the better stuff) I have an Ugly Stic 10 or 11 footer and a few extra reels that you can have to get you fishing again. Let me know
    Bob Jordan

    • Our Sand House says:

      Thanks Bob, that is amazing of you! But Iam ok. Iam going to buy a second hand set from Betty and nicks as a way to help them as well. Butt thanks anyway Bob you are the man!!!!

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