Reentry to Seaside Park after hurricane sandy morning registration

So this was the adventure today:
Arrived at central regional high school around 5:30 am. There was roughly 20 people in line. We had to sign in and then told to hang in the gym that was also being used as a shelter. There was a handful of people sleeping at the shelter and I didnt want to disturb them so I opted to wait in the hall way. The hall ways of the school were filled with donations for Hurricane sandy victims. It was very hart warming to see. Around 7:30 I received a raffle ticket then proceeded to a gymnasium to wait till my number was called. Within the next hour the business administrator arrived and people bum barded him With questions with no solid answers given.
As I waited more ,and more familer faces filled the gym. Their were friends and family and neighbors crammed in this gym. It was such an odd feeling to be in this room with these people under these circumstances. Usually we are on the beach, at the bait shops , drinking beers or bumping into each other at 711. There were plenty of tears ,hugs and words of encouragement. The line of the day seemed to be “it is what it is”
Shortly after that around 9:00 I received my permit to allow me to drive into seaside park I was on my way. ( they were allowing two cars per household) It seemed to take forever to get to the bridge. At one point I didn’t want to go, just didn’t want to know

2 thoughts on “Reentry to Seaside Park after hurricane sandy morning registration

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where you allowed to bring someone with you to help you pack who wasn’t from the island?

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