Phone message from seaside park on reentry after Hurricane Sandy

I just received a message from seaside park reverse 911 system. It stated that they are working on a reentry plan for this week for residents. No info on dates or on time but step in right direction in my opinion. I do not want to get in the way of utility workers or clean up crews. However I feel I have the right to protect my property from further damage. I have seen the pictures of the devastation of the island and don’t plan on doing any sight seeing while Iam there. Just want to have access to my property when it is deemed safe to travel across bridge. The rumors of 6-8 months till reentry are for untrue. 6-8 months to restore gas lines. If gas is unavailable we could switch to propane in the time being. Iam very frustrated, angry and upset and not trying to let theses emotions skew my thought process. But it is extremely hard when I am so invested financially in my home in Seaside park. Not to mention I spent a year of my life building the house from ground up with my own hands.


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